A blessing

I came across this poem ‘Testimonial’ by Rita Dove today, and I couldn’t help but reflect about my ending year. I specifically focused on this quote from the poem.

“I was pirouette and flourish, I was filigree and flame. How could I count my blessings when I didn’t know their names?”

I think we are sometimes unable to legitimately identify how we journeyed through a particular year. We find ourselves at the end of the year with tons of blessings, but which we are unable to count because we can’t name them as Rita Dove expresses in her poem.
As this year ends, I find myself in a very similar position. With so many blessings but most of which I can’t identify. I have chosen though to try, hard as it may be to remember the very simple ones of 2015.
To me it is the very simple things like being able to run on beautiful and peaceful places any day, any time I want to. When you read stories of children dying at sea in Syria and being washed to shore, stories about ghost boats, of hundreds of Eritrean refugees dying at sea as they are smuggled to Italy by Libyan human smugglers, stories of religious extremists on the prowl for easy targets all over the world, then you begin to appreciate and count simple things such as this.

In pictures are some of my blessings. Here are some of my best places I thought were jogging/running heaven in 2015.

First on the list is the Royal botanic gardens in Sydney.


Sydney Royal Botanic gardens


Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Next below is the new Barangaroo reserve. It is really refreshing to jog on this course.



Barangaroo Reserve

The Pyrmont bay below also offered me quite a picturesque view during my lunch runs.


A vintage tall ship along Pyrmont bay running route

And then there is the early morning jog on the beaches of Surfer’s Paradise. Most enchanting of routes.


Surfers’ Paradise running path


“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings”  -Eric Hoffer