While they mate!

On Friday, as business came to an end my colleagues would walk up to me, wishing me a merry Christmas because it was their last day in office. I realised the period I dreaded this year had come. I am working all through the holiday season.

Fast forward to this morning, it has never been so hard to wake up and get ready for work. Knowing that the office will have only a handful of people today didn’t help. On jumping out of bed, I went for my yoga mat and did 80 reps of reverse crunches to fully wake up, hit the shower and was ready and hour and half later. Yeah it took me that long today.

As I walked to the train station, I noticed the streets were empty. Sluggishly I walked on, but when I got to the favourite section of my morning walks which is walking through our small park, I immediately lightened up.  I noticed the number of birds had doubled and the birds were chirping so loud. Finding that many of them got me very excited, it must be the mating season. I couldn’t resist recording their continuous load chirp. I am uploading and attaching the recording to this post to lighten up some bird and nature lover out there who is also having a hard time like me working during this holiday season. Listen to it below. Hope you love it!

Happy holidays!


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